The MondoTunes Mission

MondoTunes is a world-class hub assisting independent artists and labels in their quest to get their music heard worldwide!
Our entire team consists of musicians, artists and songwriters across many different genres. We have experience in songwriting, production, A&R, booking, touring, artist management, marketing, distribution, media and licensing.
We first hand understand what it’s like to be a struggling musician. We want artists to focus on what they do best and that is writing great songs. We’ll take care of the rest and help you get paid doing what you love!

MondoTunes Music Distribution

MondoTunes provides the largest online music distribution channel in the world reaching hundreds of online stores, streaming companies and mobile partners in 140+ countries.
  • Same distribution channel used by megastars like U2, Lady Gaga, One Republic, Pharrell Williams, Eminem, Maroon 5 and many others. We deliver your music to the most online stores and countries in our industry
  • iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, BeatPort Pro, and seriously HUNDREDS more around the globe. There is no comparison to the amount of exposure we provide
  • Upload as much music as you want starting at just $39.99 a year
  • No storage or per store fees. Yes, that’s right! Upload as many songs as you want and get your music everywhere without paying for additional stores. Dig that!
  • Our artists retain 100% ownership of their master recordings, publishing, and songwriting credits

MondoTunes Music Promotions

You’ve got the goods and need help promoting your music. We get it and are in your corner! MondoTunes is the only digital music distribution company that provides major label resources and creative online marketing strategies to help artists gain maximum exposure.
Your music promoted by experienced and knowledgeable musicians who care. From production to publish, your success is our success!
M.A.P (Mondo Artist Promotions)
An ongoing, comprehensive campaign to help build your brand. Direct access to one of our Marketing/Social Media Advisors!
MondoTunes Radio
We’re all musicians here at MondoTunes and proud to be the only music distribution company to launch its very own Radio Channel.
Ready to start selling your music worldwide?
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