Why and How You Should Use Live Streaming To Build Your Audience

Live Streaming To Build Your AudienceI have been impressed by how culturally relevant live streaming has become. Facebook is doubling down on live streaming, YouTube, Twitter, and more are all pushing, or starting to push users to broadcast themselves more often.

So it’s safe to say that live streaming is not a fad. It’s a thing. A thing that will only grow. And the amazing thing is that with live streaming you can play gigs at home and broadcast it to the world. Talk about efficient. So with that we turn to look at a study our friends at Audiokite have recently completed. They’ve created live streaming play book for musicians. This is what they’ve found:
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It’s True – Cassette Tapes Are Making A Comeback

Cassette ComebackIt looks like everything that was old is new again. It may seem hard to believe, but cassette tape, that once reviled music delivery system of the 1970s, really is making a comeback. There’s a new coolness factor in the format for artists, bands and fans that no one could have predicted.
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Music Career ProfessionalsMusicians have no problem creating master plans to “rule the world,” but they often fall short of seeing these plans through effectively. What an unfortunate waste of talent! As Ralph S. Larsen, CEO of Johnson & Johnson, said, “The best-thought-out plans in the world aren’t worth the paper they’re written on if you can’t pull them off.”
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How to Leverage Twitter Ads to Promote Your Event

Twitter Ads LeverageTwitter can be a great place to promote your event. But with 500 million tweets being published a day, a single tweet promoting your event can get lost in the fray quickly. And while you could post a new tweet every hour, a constant stream of messages can result in less engagement and cause people to unfollow you.

Luckily for you and your event, Twitter’s advertising program can help you reach interested event-goers. Below, you’ll learn how Twitter Ads can help you promote your event to those most interested in attending.
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7 Badass Venue Logistics Tips

Venue TipsPlanning an event means juggling about 100 tasks at once — and it’s easy to let things to slip through the cracks. Luckily, there are several things you can check off your list well in advance of the big day.
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How to Start a Band in NYC

It’s no coincidence that so many aspiring musicians live in New York City. The Big Apple is one of the best places in the world for any type of artist to be successful. If you’re already living in one of the five boroughs, you’re on the road to making your musical dreams come true… but you still need to get your act together. Here’s our advice for how to start a band and set yourself up for success.
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10 Ways To Book More House Concerts

House ConcertsThis post was written by Joy Ike and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.
House concerts: everybody loves them, but most artists don’t know how to get them. They are the most-coveted type of gigs for singer/songwriters and acoustic bands. They don’t require a lot of promotional effort – which means less time behind your computer, and more time behind your instrument.
Yes, in the ecosystem of gigs, house concerts are king! So how do you book them? Here are some simple ways to make it happen!
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6 Tips For Passing The Audition Of A Music School

Music School AuditionOriginal post appeared on MusicThinkTank by David Milsont
Enrolling yourself in a prestigious music school is not as simple as it sounds since you have to pass a difficult audition at the first place. And in order to pass the audition you have to have that hunger for learning music as you need to prepare a lot for it. In fact, clearing the music school audition is so demanding or arduous that half of the people don’t even try it fearing that they will never be able to pass it successfully.
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4 Ways To Be A Tighter Live Band

LIVE BANDThere’s nothing worse than a band that sounds great on record but sounds like garbage live. Not only can this lead to a fan feeling cheated financially, but the band in question can might lose their credibility as talented artists as well. No performance is 100% perfect, but from my experience, there are things I’ve learned to overcome those mistakes and bumps in the road and still leave show-goers with the feeling that my band is halfway decent and knows what we’re doing. Here are a few of my suggestions.

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Here’s 10 Tips For Working With A Tough Promoter

Show PromoterBY: SPARKPLUG TEAM  For: MUSICTHINKTANK.  Every hometown has them – the notoriously “tough” promoter. Once you can connect with them, find your way into their good books, and show your value – they can become a useful ally as you build your budding career.

But, if you don’t and find yourself on their black list, you might as well consider yourself done in that market. Here are some quick ways to work with promoters who’ve seen it all and tips to ensure mutually beneficial relationships for years to come.

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