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Address: MondoTunes
24310 Moulton Pkway
Suite O-131
Laguna Hills, CA 92637
         P: 888-856-5080
         F: 888-856-5659

Common Questions

  1. Where can people buy my music?
  2. I’ve just uploaded my songs and joined, when will I hear back from MondoTunes regarding my UPC/ISRC codes?
  3. How much does each track sell for?
  4. When do I get paid?
  5. How do I get paid?
  6. What expenses does MondoTunes deduct before paying me?
  7. Monthly/Annual Fees vs. Percentage of Sales
  8. Will my music automatically be on all of your partner sites worldwide?
  9. I see you’re associated with Universal Music Group. Does this mean I have a record deal with Universal?
  10. Does MondoTunes own my publishing rights, songwriting credits, or master recordings?
  11. Will MondoTunes market my music for television/film/commercials?
  12. Does MondoTunes provide physical distribution?
  13. Can I mail MondoTunes a physical CD instead of digitally uploading my material for distribution?
  14. Does MondoTunes provide marketing?
  15. How long until my music is available online for purchase?
  16. What happens if I want to take my music down?

Come on, give us a little credit here! Our team has done a great job providing detailed answers for artists just like you. If you have any more questions don’t forget to read our Artist FAQ’s as well.

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