The most important facet of MondoTunes is that Mondo was Created BY Musicians FOR Musicians! We provide the largest digital distribution channel in the world and are the only distributor with major label resources for our artists!

Where can people buy my music?

We provide the largest digital music distribution channel in the world! Your music will be available on hundreds of online sites in over 100 countries around the world including iTunes, Amazon, Last.FM, eMusic, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Rhapsody and many more!

How much does each track sell for?

Every music retailer typically sells each track for $0.99 and albums of 11 or more songs for $9.99. Whether the project is older or brand new we have some flexibility in selecting a final price with the Artists.

What type of file should I upload?

We can take WAV or MP3 files.  The preferred file format for ensuring the highest quality of sound is a 16 bit, 44.1 khz WAV file, which is currently the worldwide standard for CD quality audio. We perform quality control before files are sent off to retailers.

When do I get paid?

The great news is that MondoTunes now provides monthly royalty reports for all artists and label partners!  Most distributors reach only a small handful of retailers, in very few regions, while MondoTunes gets your music onto hundreds of retailers in 100+ countries. Our advantages over the competition created unique challenges that we have finally overcome.  Gathering and compiling sales reports from so many retailers and regions is quite the process, but we’re happy to now be able to deliver these extremely comprehensive reports to you monthly!

How do I Get Paid?

We send payments either via physical check (US Only) or Paypal to all artists above a $25 threshold.  Payments are made by mid week of the following month.  If your royalties due are below the $25 threshold, they will simply carry over to the next month.

What expenses does MondoTunes deduct before paying me?

MondoTunes does not deduct anything. However, our partners do. The best way we can answer this is to give you an example. A typical single will sell on iTunes in the United States for 99 cents (selling price will vary from retailer to retailer). Out of that 99 cents, iTunes takes 29 cents, leaving 70 cents. Our global distribution partner (Interscope/UMG Digital Music Channel) takes 10 percent of the remaining 70 cents (7 cents) leaving a net royalty of 63 cents that is sent to MondoTunes.

We forward 100 percent of all collected royalties that are sent to us on to our indie label partners and artists, meaning in the above example, you receive the full 63 cents. You always keep 100 percent of the rights to your music and MondoTunes never keeps one penny of your royalties collected

Monthly/Annual Fees vs. Percentage of Sales

This is a tricky and important area most artists need to understand. Some distributors take a percentage of your royalties while others, like MondoTunes, pay artists 100% of their net royalties. Most all of our competition charges either monthly, annual and/or per store fees(calculates to about $50 a year per album just to keep music available online). Do the math and see if your royalties exceed their monthly/annual fees.

Will my music automatically be on all of your partner sites worldwide?

Mostly yes, but there are exceptions.  Genre specific sites will only post music in their respective genre.  For example a site that specializes in Country Music would not post Classical or Heavy Metal music on its site.  And there are a few retailers, such as Beatport, that do make the final decision regarding which projects they make available for sale.  However, rest assured that your music will be available on all major, non genre-specific sites (such as iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify etc.).

I see that my music will go through Universal Music Group’s channel. Does this mean I have a record deal with Universal?

In short, no.  You have a global distribution deal with MondoTunes which is the identical distribution channel used by  Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, One Republic, U2, Rihanna and many more!  MondoTunes is closely associated with Interscope Records and does act as an upstream label for many majors interested in finding the next big thing.

Does MondoTunes own my publishing rights, songwriting credits, or master recordings?

No. All MondoTunes artists maintain 100% of their rights, songwriting credits and/or master recordings.

Will MondoTunes market my music for television/film/commercials?

Possibly, we work in cooperation with many music supervisors, music libraries, and music clearing houses, and are often approached for music. If we find a suitable marketing opportunity for your music that will result in a licensing deal, we will approach you directly about the opportunity. Revenue from a resulting licensing deal will be split 50/50 between MondoTunes and all songwriters/publishers.

Does MondoTunes provide physical distribution?

Yes. Shipping and packaging for physical distribution can be quite expensive thus MondoTunes engages in physical distribution if and when there’s a clear demand for an artist.

Can I mail MondoTunes a physical CD instead of digitally uploading my material for distribution?

We’ve spent many sleepless nights ensuring the most user friendly website for our artists.  The easiest and fastest way to get your music out to the world is through our step by step “sign up now” process.  It allows you to control your media and make sure all of your project information is accurate.  If you are still using the first computer ever invented, or have a stubborn computer that shocks you when you type, or you just absolutely have no idea what a computer is (not sure how you’re reading this), send a physical CD to our address provided on the Contact Us page.  For a one-time fee of $149.00, we’ll have a MondoTunes team member complete the process for you.

Does MondoTunes provide marketing?

Yes. MondoTunes has the ability to provide world-wide online marketing in areas of global press releases, global album reviews, and global blog/forum monitoring and posting. Our objective is to assist artists to maximize overall hype/buzz. Mondo is not just another volume based distributor and is the only distribution company that helps artists with online marketing campaigns.

How long until my music is available online for purchase?

MondoTunes submits your music to global retailers within 48 hours of receiving your content. It can and may take up to 4-6 weeks for all retailers to go live with your project. Please note, there are over 750 retailers and mobile partners in over 100 countries therefore a reasonable amount of time is necessary to ensure a successful release.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We’ve made the process of uploading your project very user friendly however, please be sure that all of your content and audio files meet retailers requirements in order to avoid possible delays. Almost all retailers require 4 weeks ‘from the day’ they receive distribution ready content!

What happens if I want to take my music down?

We rarely have artists stopping distribution or wanting to take their music down. However if you request to have it removed, we will immediately remove it at no cost. There are over 750 retailers world-wide so this may take some time. We ask for 60 days to complete the request although in most cases it does not take that long.