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    Simply drag and drop
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    Compare your unmastered and
    mastered versions

  • Master

    Polish your tunes right before
    distributing them globally

Great Sound And Keep Control
Of Your Creativity

How it works?
Our powerful cloud-based mastering tool is driven by algorithms that understand the nuances that make every song unique.
LANDR listens to, understands and applies a custom set of tools and parameters for each song.
No pre-sets, only intelligent mastering.
Try LANDR on MondoTunes today:
  • Sign into your MondoTunes artist account
  • Go to 'Dashboard' and 'Distribute A New Project', or, if you already have a project underway, see 'My Projects'
  • Once your project is uploaded, click on the editing pencil within the 'My projects' tab and see 'Upload Cover Art & Tracks' section
  • Click 'Master' to receive a free 30 second preview of your mastered track
  • Like what you hear? Add to cart, complete your purchase, and the full mastered track will be emailed to you!

Artists Review

Dj, Recording artist, Label owner
LANDR can actualy help you finish you music... that critical, final, elusive, mysterious, step has been demystified, and the results speak for themselves.
Wolf + Lamb
Wolf + Lamb
Artists, Djs, Wolf + Lamb records
It’s refined and classy mastering, not a clipping agro job. After just a couple test runs. LANDR is a part our routine for remixes, production and now even boosting old tracks and vinyl rips.