MondoTunes Radio is exclusively for MondoTunes artists. It's another unique way for you to promote your music worldwide with not just new fans, but also influential music industry representatives!
We all love listening to megastars that dominate today's airwaves but MondoTunes artists won't have to compete with international stars on MondoTunes Radio.
We decided to tell the big boys to take a hike. Kidding of course! We're not that cruel. However, research shows that music fans are craving new music from independent (new) artists!
So we 'politely' decided to create a radio community just for MondoTunes artists to help showcase the next round of stars!
We're all musicians here at MondoTunes and proud to be the only music distribution company to launch its very own Radio Channel.

Why Get Airplay?

Unlike other radio sites, our radio team specifically focuses on promoting material from our community of independent musicians. Fans will hear great music from MondoTunes artists across all genres! In addition, a primary goal is to expose our artists' music to not just new fans, but also our vast network of industry participants such as:
  • Licensing Supervisors
  • Major Label A&R Representatives
  • National and international booking agents
  • Artist management firms
How Much Is It to Join?
Here's the best part! You can get started for as low as $3.99 a month! You keep 100% of your rights and ownership at all times.
How Long Do I Have to Commit to MondoTunes Radio?
Our MondoTunes Radio service is month to month with no contracts though many artists do find great value in our 6 and 12 month packages.
How Do I Sign Up?
If you've already distributed music with us, the process is very easy! You simply log onto your account and follow the steps on the screen to add an already existing song! Guess what? it's as easy if you're new to our team. Select "Join Us" and follow the steps on the screen. Our system is quite user friendly and will walk you through the process every step of the way!
Can I Add More Than One Song?
You are by no means a 'One Hit Wonder', and we know that! We understand that with today’s technology, talented artists are pumping out new songs all the time.  You can add any and as many of your favorite songs as you see fit!
How Do I Know My Songs Are Playing?
This is a great question! MondoTunes Radio creates unique playlists for every user that logs in. No user gets the same playlist twice ensuring that all artists are exposed to potential new fans all over the world! Of course if fans love your tunes, they can mark it as a favorite and always go back to it. You also receive detailed stats for each and every song!
What Kind of Statistics Will I Receive?
You can access all your statistics directly via your dashboard. Stats include:
  • Real time statistics for your plays
  • How many daily and monthly plays
  • How many times your song has been marked as a favorite track
  • Links to where the music can be purchased
Will I Get Paid?
MondoTunes exclusive radio will solely be used as a promotional tool to help our artists gain more global exposure via new fans and our network of music industry representatives. Our MondoTunes Exclusive Radio page will be free of ads and free to all music fans!
Ready to start selling your music worldwide?
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