Let the Good Times Roll!

Artists around the world have been asking for more
ways to promote your music and we deliver!
Introducing M.A.P (Mondo Artist Promotions)
Partner up with MondoTunes for a full service marketing strategy! Most artists only get a few seconds to catch the interest of new fans. We'll help get your best face forward to new fans across the globe!
An ongoing, comprehensive campaign to help build your brand.
Direct access to one of our Marketing/Social Media Advisors!
  • 30 minute phone call per month with a designated brand representative to consult and set up a uniquely catered battle plan
  • Unmatched social media marketing efforts to build your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram audience
  • Targeted and personal engagement with your key demographic
  • Finding and building life-long fans of YOUR music
  • Up to 10 songs added to rotation on The MondoTunes Radio airwaves
  • Professionally designed monthly graphics / flyers to help you advertise
  • A new press release about your upcoming milestones every 3 months
  • Heavy discounts on custom logos, album covers, and more graphic services