A Little Love from Some of Our Artists

Discover the reasons why Mondo Artists count on us for top notch support and services that truly make a powerful impact on their careers!


  • Simply Andrea

    I've dealt with several distributors (that fell short) before choosing MondoTunes for the long-term. They are awesome! I've never felt welcome at a company before I started dealing with them. They have excellent customer service, a very knowledgeable staff and - best of all - they get the job done! I connected with them and never looked back! Best business decision I've ever made. Thanks, MondoTunes! Show more

    Simply Andrea
  • Life Through Colors

    We love MondoTunes because it helped us gain listeners not just in the United States but around the world!

    Life Through Colors

    We LOVE MondoTunes because they get our music heard on Spotify, which helps fans discover us for the very first time!

  • Simply Andrea

    Love MondoTunes people! We’re #1 on Spanish iTunes Electronica, and four Top 20 iTunes singles thanks to MondoTunes marketing!

    Kill Bill G
  • Life Through Colors

    I LOVE my MondoTunes team!!! They are always there for me whenever I have questions or concerns, and I feel like they really care. And on top of that, my music is now available to audiences I'd never reached before, all around the globe. I'm even having some success in Korea! I can't say enough good things about my experience so far - thanks, guys! Show more

    Tanya Leah of "Roses For Panjo"

    I love Mondotunes because it is run by MUSICIANS I can TALK to about my project!

    Brad Stock
  • Simply Andrea

    That was a great experience. I used MondoTunes for my first project and I was completely satisfied!

    Axle Creek
  • Life Through Colors

    MondoTunes got my music up on BeatPort Pro! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

    DJ Saad

    Write and record hilarious new album....check.
    Distribute to world via Mondotunes....check. Purchase mansion and lorry load of blue M&Ms with proceeds....damn, we always forget something. Thanks Mondo-T for an awesome service. Show more

    The Nonkey Brothers
  • Simply Andrea

    I love MondoTunes because it is the most effective and affordable business to get your music heard anywhere and everywhere!

    Mr. Toxic
  • Life Through Colors

    It's a great time to be an independent musician these days with so many outlets to be heard but the key is knowing where to start. Sean McCauley and the MondoTunes family has helped jump start our career in the U.S. and attract local promoters, venues, music bloggers, and most importantly: fans. Show more

    Desert Sparrow

    Shoutout to MondoTunes for giving me the realest out of my Music/Album it's now available for streaming & Purchase worldwide on sites like iTunes, Spotify and just went on Amazon prime. Show more

    BeLee Dat
  • Simply Andrea

    You'll never find a site with a better personal touch or a workforce so packed full of passionate music lovers.

    Junior Walker
  • Life Through Colors

    Kind regards and am glad having found you on the internet for my music.


    I love MondoTunes and would recommend them to anyone wanting their music digitally marketed because they were so amazingly helpful in being instrumental in putting my Inspirational/Spiritual EP "In This Moment" I composed on iTunes and Amazon. Show more

    Brenda Rachel
  • Simply Andrea

    MondoTunes gets my stamp of approval as a great digital distribution partner!

    Christopher Dubbs
  • Life Through Colors

    We love MondoTunes because they got us distributed all over the place.

    Pat, Randy, Joe, Steffen, Rai; WORLD5

    Choosing MondoTunes as our music distributor was one of the best decisions we have made. When we compared global reach, affordability, and ease of use, it was clear that MondoTunes stood head and shoulders above all other distributors. Our band can concentrate on creating music knowing that MondoTunes is working tirelessly on our behalf to get it out to the masses! Show more

    Sean Caufield, Kangaroo Court
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