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  • Mondo Distribution

    Sell your music with the
    largest digital distribution
    channel in the world by reaching
    hundreds of retailers
    in over 140+ countries!
    Starting at $39.99

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  • Mondo Marketing

    We get it. Music is your passion,
    and it’s time for global exposure.
    You don’t need a major label deal
    anymore. Be discovered by
    die-hard fans with our exclusive
    promotional resources.
    What are you waiting for?!

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  • Mondo Mastering

    If you were going to a party, you would want to look your best right?
    Well, so does your album!
    Mondo Mastering will polish and enhance your tracks before reaching a global audience!
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  • Unlimited Uploads starting at $39.99 Per Year!!
  • Largest Digital Music Distribution Channel in the World
  • Keep 100% Rights and Ownership
  • No Per Store Fees
  • Free UPC and ISRC Codes
  • Unmatched Online Marketing Packages
  • Potential Upstream Deals with Major Labels
  • International Licensing Opportunities
  • Register & Create Your Own Label
  • Lowest Prices For All Services
  • No company in the world offers this much for so little

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