Advertise Your Music Online for Free (Part 3)

Continuing our series on How to Advertise Your Music Online for free, this week we’ll be talking about how to use other people’s blogs and websites to boost your visibility.

Previously, we talked about publishing your own press releases and broadening your public reach through social media. A great deal of free advertisement is also available through the free efforts and websites of other people. These people run blogs, news websites, and music sites in general which depend on having new things to say on a regular basis. This MondoTunes DIY blog, in fact, is a perfect example of one such site. Other examples friendly to independent musicians such as yourself include Indie Music News Worldwide and the Independent Music Times.

A good website always has an email address somewhere so you can email the owner or administrator of the site. Just write an email to that person including the news you’d like featured on their website. This news can be almost anything, like, “Brooklyn rock band ‘Vipers’ to play Coney Island,” or, “Indie hip-hop artists form new collective, ‘Titanz,'” or, “Jane Doe to tour East Europe.”

Make sure the material you want published has no spelling or grammatical errors. Some admins will revise your English for you, but most will choose to ignore a train wreck rather than fix it.  (Of course, a professionally written press release is best).

Don’t stop at just one website, either. You can submit material to as many blogs and online music newspapers as you like. Each one will prefer an exclusive release (meaning your news is only available at their site, nowhere else) but you work for yourself, not them, and you want your news as accessible as possible.

If you really get in good with the admin of a certain indie music website, you might even get them to interview you. This may seem improbable, but you’ve got to keep in mind that these writers come up with material every single week. If they like your music enough and think your sound fits the format of their site, then you answer all the questions and they hardly have to write at all. You can even suggest the questions for them, too, so they don’t even need to do that.

In any case, the point is that music blogs and news sites can be extremely useful to indie artists, and they’re not at all as utilized as they ought to be.

The door is wide open to you. All you gotta do is step through it.


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  1. Youtube: G.L.O.C FROZT yes y’all… My single.. How would u suggest me going about promoting this song?

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