Advertise Your Music Online for Free (Part 1)

One of the most frequent questions is, “How can I advertise my music online?”

It’s a smart question to ask, and luckily, it has a ton of answers. This week’s MondoTunes DIY post focuses on press releases.

The first thing musicians should do is perhaps the most overlooked: publishing a simple press release.

A press release (PR) is an official announcement available for reading online anywhere in the world. The purpose of the PR is to put information about your music online which can easily be found if someone searches for you. Advertisement is first about getting attention, but once you have someone’s attention, what do you tell them? You have to follow up with some info, some facts, some interesting things to say.

There’s no bigger failure in advertising than getting someone to search for your music, only to have nothing come up.

So what, exactly, is a press release? It’s a very short article about your music. You can publish a PR on virtually anything that happens during your music career. If you start a new project, the headline might be, “Jane Doe starts new rock crew Iron Maidens.” If you drop a new single, it might be, “DJ Onyx releases official single.” If you start a summer tour, it might be, “Singer-songwriter Julius Caesar starts summer tour.”

Any time someone looks you up, they find one of your press releases. If you have lots of press releases, you look like an extremely active musician — because you are. It also looks like you’re in the news a lot, again because you are.

If you do it the free route, make sure you get an expert writer friend to make your PR for you, though. Press releases with any spelling or grammatical errors work in reverse. They make you look silly. Most free PR websites won’t let you post your own release unless it passes their grammar tests, anyhow, and they won’t tell you what’s wrong. They’ll just decline your submission.

Lots of people will want to charge you hundreds of dollars for writing and publishing a press release, but our own MondoBlast service is dependable, affordable, and ultra-high quality (especially if it’s written by yours truly, wink-wink). We’ll also publish your piece at many sites, rather than at just one site.

Stay tuned next week for Part 2 in this ongoing series about advertising your music online for free.


7 thoughts on “Advertise Your Music Online for Free (Part 1)

  1. The press release is extremely overlooked in the music world today. Such a crucial element. And yes it can be very expensive. However, well worth it. Can’t spell PRO without the letters. “PR” 😉

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Mr. Justus.

      It can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s also very hard to tell which PR sites will actually deliver, regardless of how much money they’re asking for.

      Of course I’m biased, but I’m very proud of what we do here at Mondo to this end.

      Cheers to you, thanks for reading.

      -S. McCauley

  2. Did our press release for Dawn Beyer and Tim Wood for Is This Love We’re Making get published. Thank you kim clift

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