10 Ways To Book More House Concerts

House ConcertsThis post was written by Joy Ike and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.
House concerts: everybody loves them, but most artists don’t know how to get them. They are the most-coveted type of gigs for singer/songwriters and acoustic bands. They don’t require a lot of promotional effort – which means less time behind your computer, and more time behind your instrument.
Yes, in the ecosystem of gigs, house concerts are king! So how do you book them? Here are some simple ways to make it happen!
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6 Tips For Passing The Audition Of A Music School

Music School AuditionOriginal post appeared on MusicThinkTank by David Milsont
Enrolling yourself in a prestigious music school is not as simple as it sounds since you have to pass a difficult audition at the first place. And in order to pass the audition you have to have that hunger for learning music as you need to prepare a lot for it. In fact, clearing the music school audition is so demanding or arduous that half of the people don’t even try it fearing that they will never be able to pass it successfully.
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4 Ways To Be A Tighter Live Band

LIVE BANDThere’s nothing worse than a band that sounds great on record but sounds like garbage live. Not only can this lead to a fan feeling cheated financially, but the band in question can might lose their credibility as talented artists as well. No performance is 100% perfect, but from my experience, there are things I’ve learned to overcome those mistakes and bumps in the road and still leave show-goers with the feeling that my band is halfway decent and knows what we’re doing. Here are a few of my suggestions.

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Overrated or overboard?Sometimes, we need to get our priorities straight. Sometimes, we need to learn to say “no” to the good so that we can say “yes” to the best. Other times, we need to not let perfection get in the way of productivity. How do we sort it all out? What do we need and when do we need it?
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12 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Make That Post

Social media postJust being on a social network doesn’t mean that you’re using it effectively for promotion. There’s a mindset that’s need before you can use any network as a promotional tool. Here are 12 questions to ask yourself before you post to any social network that will help you focus your content for greatest impact.
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REACH MUSIC INDUSTRY INFLUENCERSWe’ve all seen the old cliche — a plucky, struggling artist takes the stage at a small club, while a record exec who just happens to be there skulks in the back. By the end of the set, the exec is so blown away that he or she races after the artist, promising them fame and fortune. Six months later, they share a laugh while hoisting a gold record.
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licensingAs the composer of a film or TV score or as a songwriter whose song is used in a movie, TV show, advertisement, or video game, under the copyright law you own 100% of the copyright in your work from the moment you create the work and “fix it in a tangible medium.” However, you must be careful what you sign so that you do not assign those rights away without fair compensation for your work.
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Mosh Pit Mash-Up: How To Stay Safe At Your Next Concert

Mosh Pit Mash-Up: How To Stay Safe At Your Next ConcertBY: RACHELLE WILBER For MusicThinkTank.  Live music is always a fantastic experience, but some concert attendees get more than they planned on when they end up stuck in a mosh pit. Mosh pits are common at most metal and some rock shows, and they involve a lot of enthusiastic and occasionally aggressive movements. Veteran concert-goers know that you should follow certain rules if you want to avoid getting injured in the pit.
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