Yet Another How To: Maximize Your Summer Without Touring

Touring SummerWith the festival season ramping up, it’s only a matter of a few weeks until every artist and their teams are out on the touring road.  In the on-going ebb and flow of the independent musician’s career, there’s bound to be a summer or two where you must fight the battle on the homestead. Don’t be discouraged!  We’re here to provide some suggestions on how to make the most of the weather and the big crowds out there that merely need an introduction to your audio magic.
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Be Responsible At Concerts And After Parties

Musicians being responsible at after partiesBY: RACHELLE WILBER | POST A COMMENT | PRINT ARTICLE
Concerts and after-parties are part of the experience of being in a band and performing for live audiences. The experience could be overwhelming, and the social pressure might cause you to do things that are not healthy or safe. Consider these four ways in which you can take responsibility for your behavior at concerts and parties.
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Common mistakes rappers makeI’m an independent hip hop artist, talent buyer, and web designer for music artists. My full time job and career consists of working independently within the music industry. Working independently for myself is great because I get to be my own boss, make more money than I ever made as an employee, and have location independence. Not to mention starting two businesses that basically pay me to make more connections in the music industry benefits my own music career (that has definitely been a nice bonus).
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Cancelling A Club Gig For A Private Event: 5 Things To Consider

It’s tempting right?

You get that call for an awesome 90-min $5k gig (with PA provided) but then look on your calendar and you’re at “The Club” for a 3-hr show @ $900 with all your own gear. Of course, depending on your relationship with them, canceling may not be an issue.

BUT if you think it is an issue or will be in the future (and you actually value playing at the club), consider these 5 things when you get that “offer you can’t refuse”….
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3 Ways To Become a Stronger Lyricist (and Have Fun Doing It)

Lyricist“I hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then lyrics are a thousand pictures. This is a little section from the now-classic Elton John hit “Your Song”. What the average radio listener may not know is that those lyrics are penned by Elton’s primary writing partner Bernie Taupin. Before Bernie, “Your Song” was just a wonderful piece of piano music and a vocal melody without a story. Had Elton wrote his own words, would we have ever recognize it from it’s opening chords? A great lyricist can add extraordinary power to an already solid song, taking it to the next level.  This partnership example is one of so many behind some of the biggest hits in history.  So how did Mr. Taupin sharpen his skills enough to score that gig?  Well, we should refresh on some of the basics…
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Running Your Music Career Like A Business

Music BusinessLike Mr. Carter has stated, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.”  Few words with plenty of subtext.  The current state of the music industry can seem at times like being dropped in a forest at midnight.  With innovation in technology and new services coming out all the time, the independent arena provides all the tools you need to get to the next level.  What separates the hobby-player from the pros is simple, treating your music career like a business.  If your plan is to score a major record deal, you must know that the folks behind those decisions are looking for an artist that’s in it for the long haul.  There is serious money that gets put behind breaking an artist to the mainstream, you must be ready to take the commitment and capitalize on it!  Here’s a rundown on how to get started.
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No Internet, No MusicThe internet has brought so much to musicians—both good and bad. It has fundamentally changed how we listen to, sell, discover, and promote music. It blew up the record industry, on one hand, and it has developed crucial tools that help musicians—like CASH Music!—on the other.

Personally, I could not imagine making music today, let alone reaching people who wanted to hear it, without the internet.

Being a musician has fundamentally influenced how I use it and which websites I visit. My band Bucket uses the internet to sell, stream, distribute, and promote our music digitally. People can even place a hold on our CD from their local library online. Even more specifically, my musical pursuits pushed me back onto Facebook last year after I had sworn off social media. (I was having trouble booking my first DIY tour only using email, and it proved quite helpful as a means to that end.)
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Millennials Are Buying Vinyl, But Not From Record Stores

Millennials Are Buying Vinyl, But Not From Record StoresFrom the high street, you’d be forgiven for thinking the growth in vinyl sales was a myth. We’re not seeing the high streets overrun with record stores, and those that do exist are populated, for the most part, by the usual suspects. Younger generations are only treading tentatively in their doorways. So who’s buying? And where?

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The 5 Essential Elements of Artist Branding

Artist brandingLet’s talk for a second about icons.  Elvis.  Michael Jackson.  Nirvana.  Beyonce.  What do all these superstar acts have in common?  Solid branding.  Any major success in the music industry is achieved with the help of specific team members who create and refine a public facing persona to capture the attention of the masses.  If you simply follow your instinct and express your artistry you can do most of this work on your own.  Here’s the checklist you’ll want to tackle to make sure you’re on the right track.
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