Music Video Production on a Budget

Learn how to shoot your own videos from a professional video producer. Javan sits down with Kourosh P (The Tonight’s Show, Jay Leno’s Garage, Disney, and many more creds) and they go over some frequently asked questions we get from artists looking to create their own music video.  This is VERY comprehensive and helpful for artists wanting to produce a video for their new tunes.  It just may be easier than you’d expect.  Check it out!
We included links directly to the questions below.
How To Shoot A Music Video On A Budget?
How To Prepare For A Music Video Shoot?
How To Edit Your Music Videos
Why Is It Important To Have A Video?

6 thoughts on “Music Video Production on a Budget

  1. This is very helpful for those who have a strict budget to follow yet still want to produce a great product. A budget that’s limited can still produce a great product with the right people and right planning.

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