Rappers should use SoundCloud. Here’s why.

Rappers should use SoundCloud. Hip hop is dominating SoundCloud while SoundCloud fuels hip hop with new artists.  Read on to see why every modern hip hop artist should use SoundCloud.

Rappers should use SoundCloud. That’s a given today, when hip hop artists like Chance the Rapper get big enough breaks by using the platform that they can actually turn around and save the platform itself with profits from their original music.

Of course, these talents needed to distribute their music professionally, too — not just sell it on SoundCloud — but Chance the Rapper and Trinidad James still supply examples of hugely popular artists who can get signed and go on tour without even an LP album to sell while they’re touring.

A couple years ago, nobody would think that possible.

Today, though, the number of SoundCloud titans grows every day.

These popular artists include names like XXXTentacion, Lil Pump, Ski Mask the Slump God, Smokepurpp, Lil Yachty, Princess Nokia, Lil Uzi Vert, WifisFuneral, Gold Saint, and SIDMFKID.

The enormity of rap on SoundCloud even pushed the prior genre giant, EDM, right out the door.

According to NestHQ.com, “The imbalance between the consumption of singular hip hop and dance music tracks has become so great that as of this morning’s chart, there is not one song from the ‘Dance & EDM’ or ‘Electronic’ categories in the Top 10. Or Top 25. Or literally the entire Top 50. And it isn’t a fluke. This complete absence of dance and electronic music from SoundCloud’s most played songs has occurred on numerous occasions over the past six months.”

The point is, rappers should use SoundCloud because SoundCloud is where all the new hip hop is coming from.

On the other hand, though, rappers will still want to move up from SoundCloud to more professional means. While it acts as a great stage for amateurs, it’s not as legit as distributing your own singles through real distribution networks like MondoTunes.

Denver’s 303magazine.com says of this, “…garnering a SoundCloud following is important, but it’s not the end goal. ‘You can get a lot of clout from it,’ [Gold Saint] said. ‘You can win a grammy from SoundCloud now, because of Chance the Rapper. There’s a lot of sh-t you can do on SoundCloud… however, I don’t want that to be my limit.’ This is something that most artists would probably agree with. SoundCloud is more of the track itself than the finish line.”

Why Rappers Should Use SoundCloud
Rappers and SoundCloud

So, rappers should use SoundCloud. That’s obvious.

But they should never take it as a replacement for real studio recordings, mixed and mastered by the pros, distributed to over 600 quality music vendors online worldwide.

The fact remains that just a few people listen to music on SoundCloud.

And most of them are aspiring music artists, too.