Why Master?

There has never been an album worth mentioning, that was not properly mastered by a professional engineer. Most bands and artists understand each step of the recording process besides the final and most crucial one. However, the biggest two questions continue to be: What is mastering and why would I want/need it for my tracks?

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It is much easier to grasp the concept of this important step, if we know what mastering is not.
Good Mastering Is Not:
  • A simple plugin, preset, or program to finish your tune
  • Simply making audio louder (though this happens)
  • Simply compressing or limiting your tune
  • A means to fix a bad mix or poor levels
Good Mastering Is:
  • Extremely difficult and considered an art form in itself
  • Achieving a particular sound/feel for a finished recording (so all the tracks of the album are coherent)
  • A combination of techniques applied to the whole stereo track that generally include compression, EQ, limiting, and more.
  • Enhancing the wonderful tones and vibes you as the artist have created
  • There is no single solution for mastering, and artists should always consider seeking professional assistance.

What We Do

In today’s music industry, there is a set, quality standard across the board. Listeners, labels, and other forms of artist support, look for albums that provide a similar quality sound to those that are making millions.
Perhaps you are the most talented musician ever and you have written the greatest album in the world!
Without a polished, quality sounding recording, your cd is going to go straight into the trash of any representative or executive you send it to. Our mastering provides balance across the stereo field and enhances the overall dynamics. This is also a chance to have an unbiased listener work on your tune.
We promise to improve the sound of your creation whether it is being played in the car, through giant pro audio speakers, or even in small earbuds. We want to take the time to successfully complete a product that represents the essence of your sound.

The War on Loudness

It is no secret that the overall volumes of mastered recordings have steadily increased over the last decade or so. The theory behind this is “if it’s louder, it will shine through and sound better (hopefully selling more).” Unfortunately, pushing the volume to these levels really takes away from any dynamics and/or feel.
We will push your levels so they can compete with all the top radio hits. However, we believe it is important to take the time to preserve the wonderful colors you, as the artist, has spent so much time creating. Most mastering companies use a limiter and just crank the volume. This is very unmusical!
When submitting a mix to be mastered:
  • LEAVE HEADROOM. It is hard to boost levels when there is little or no room to work with.
  • Use high quality media: WAV(preferably) or aif. Never mp3’s. Burn cds at the lowest speed possible;
    preferably 1x.
  • Allow mastering engineer to create fades at the beginning and ends of each track. Leave reverb and sustained tails on each track.
  • Keep the original audio quality. Do not down sample, or utilize any other bit-rate conversions. These changes may degrade the quality of the audio before it gets mastered.

In Conclusion

Our mastering will provide you a quality recording that is consistent, and free of noise from start to finish. Your album will be able to compete at an industry standard level (quality and volume), and it will sound great through any speaker system.
You will be left with a polished product that you are not only proud to sell to your fans, but also push when you are shopping your great piece of work around!

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