Global Music Distribution
There was a time, not so long ago, where the music industry revolved around the turntable.

Your grandparents would clearly remember going to the record store to look through the 'New Releases', and find that their favorite artist had a new vinyl album for sale.
Be Heard Globally
For music makers, this was an age completely run by businesses and label executives who were the real profiteers from the blood, sweat and tears of the artists.

Music distribution campaigns were planned several months in advance, after careful and precise marketing strategies.

We’ve Come
a Long Way Baby

We live in an age where music is accessible for purchasing or streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a beautiful time to be alive! Now the questions from modern artists are:
  • How to go about music distribution?
  • How to reach people right at their fingertips?
  • How to make money from my own music?

You’ve Come
to the Right Place...

MondoTunes was created BY Musicians FOR Musicians and is the ONLY digital music distributor that provides MAJOR LABEL DISTRIBUTION to independent artists.
Now it’s YOU in complete control of your music. No more gatekeepers who decide how much you make from your art, and who gets to hear it.
Our service has THE LARGEST music distribution network, which is host to more than 600 retailers from all corners of the planet… and in over 140 countries!

Offers Unlimited Uploads

What does that mean? You can now release as many singles, EPs, Mixtapes, or Albums you can possibly produce for only $39.99 a year!
Allow me to put it in perspective. With MondoTunes Digital Music Distribution.
YOU have the power to release UNLIMITED music around the WORLD and make money doing it.
Clearly this is NOT your Granddad’s industry...