Mondo Pricing

UNLIMITED UPLOADS through the largest digital distribution channel in the world
starting at just $39.99 per year. NO other online distribution service can say that.
No Per Store Fees
No Per Project Fees
Free UPC and ISRC Codes
Get your music in the same online stores as
U2, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Eminem and many other megastars!
Mondo Music
Mondo Music
Mondo Music
$39.99 1 Artist or Band $49.99 one-time
$69.99 1-3 (per track)
$69.99 2-4 Artists or Bands $99.99 one-time
$67.99 4-6 (per track)
$99.99 5-20 Artists or Bands $64.99 7-30 (per track)
  • Register a Label

    Are you the next mogul looking to brand your own label? Have MondoTunes register your label with 100′s of retailers, streaming companies and mobile partners worldwide! All projects (your own or artists you sign) will release under your own label.
    All projects are chart eligible and all sales are reported to SoundScan!

  • Video Distribution

    Have a great video? Get your music video on VEVO, Vimeo, Youtube, Myspace, Muzu.TV, Vidzone and more! Retailers are making it ever so difficult for independent artists to post music videos online. Worry not! MondoTunes to the rescue! Get paid for every download and stream! No monthly or annual fees.

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