You may be thinking, "What happens after I get my music in practically every available digital outlet on planet Earth?"
Well, first start by giving yourself a hand! Be proud that you wrote great tunes that new fans across the globe can download or stream while you get paid. That's quite an achievement! Now here's some more good news!
Today's musicians and artists experience unique conditions where the entire web is available for creating buzz and generating global exposure. You do not have to be signed to traditional record deals by major labels to benefit from prominent resources.
MondoTunes is the only global distribution company that offers custom press releases written by industry experts to help independent artists reach the world. Anyone can place ads on social media or music blogs, but your music fans can smell advertising a mile away! That's why professional musicians have real press releases. Let's get you heard!


Your music promoted by experienced and knowledgeable musicians who care. From production to publish, your success is our success!
  • We Learn.
    Our marketing team will reach out to you or the band/artist and gather information about your upcoming release (influences, inspiration for the single, EP, album, or video, upcoming events etc.). Your writer will work with you to get your image exactly right.
  • We Listen.
    One of our world-class staff writers will actually take the time to listen to your music (go figure!) to help get a full understanding of you as an artist and the mood of your single, EP, album, or video.
  • We Write.
    Our marketing team will write a custom press release about your news for use by real music journalists and curious music fans all over the world! You will receive a draft copy prior to publication, followed by a final draft you can submit to anyone, anywhere, for as long as you want!
  • We Promote.
    We publish your news to all the important music press-release sites, and then to a few more! You will receive a report with links to everywhere your press release was published. Share your new, industry-standard music news on social media sites to generate an even bigger buzz. Before you know it, you have an entire community of friends and fans! It's a great way to let the world hear about your music!
"MondoBlast" is even available artists who have distributed music on other platforms outside of MondoTunes
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