Your fans want to get to know you better!
In today’s crazy music industry, the song, and the talent are obviously important. What gets often overlooked is the STORY. That’s right! Fans like to understand the background of where an artist is coming from. Got a tale to tell? You now have the opportunity to have a professionally written Bio made with expert attention to detail by one of our world-class staff writers.

Why DOES a professional Bio Matter?

Let’s think about it like this, you’re at a party where you don’t know anyone, but you’d like to be the life of the event. Aimlessly walking through the room meeting strangers while trying to discuss your accomplishments doesn’t yield great results. Instead, why not have an industry pro do all the glorious introduction work for you? We think it would add a degree of credibility if we had took the job of bragging on your behalf!
  • We Discover.
    Our marketing team will reach out to you or the band/artist and will learn what got you hooked on your music career. Influences, up-bringing, challenges, successes, if your life is an open book, we’d love to hear the story!
  • We Craft.
    By highlighting your major milestones and creating rhetoric around your artistry, our team can show off your skills to the world! Everyone loves to champion those they can identify with, and there’s no better way than by sharing your experiences.
  • We Write.
    Your staff writer will then author a professional artist biography specifically tailored to meet industry competitive standards. You can submit with confidence to databases like Rovi, and AllMusic.
  • We Celebrate.
    After the biography meets the satisfaction of the artist, we deliver the material for personal use. You did it! Go tell the world your story!
Deadlines may be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
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